IT Data Center & Product Support Manager

Salary: DR 18,000,000 - 20,000,000


Position Specifications:

• S1 education with majors: Informatics Engineering / Information Systems / Electrical

• 4-6 Years of experience in the area of ​​IT Data Center and IT Operations

• Have certification:

1. Virtual Machine Server

2. Active Directory

3. Program for the Cisco Network Academy (CCNA)

4. Data Center Management

5. ITIL Foundation and Service Management


Main responsibility:


1. Make a budget plan for the activities carried out

2. Making planning, management and monitoring of service provider activities related to daily operational data centers, data center policies and procedures, data center projects and organizers

3. Making Human Resource Planning related to operational IT Data and SIM Centers in supporting the company's business development

4. Planning improvements to work improvements to improve work efficiency and efficiency

Do it:

1. Management of IT and SIM data centers, as well as production support

2. Managing application usage control activities (eg audits, routine checks, etc.) in an effort to minimize complaints that occur

3. Resolve problems related to the application system so that it can be further followed up intensively

4. do data processing that asks for ad-hoc based on the request form to provide relevant information needed

5. Create reports to provide information about compatibility and accuracy of business application systems

6. Manage, and monitor all IT services related to the Data Center and provide MIS data in accordance with processes, procedures, handling and risk management.

7. Review, approve, provide input and approve the requirements relating to IT systems and services in project meetings with the business team

8. Develop and develop new developments in the units taken and the schedule for implementing the implementation needed to support business needs

9. Coordinate contingency / disaster services in accordance with procedures and agree to those specified.

10. Make and review periodically improve work unit operating procedures to be in line with policies and changes to systems and applications and a framework for information technology frameworks such as ITIL, COBIT, or SOX.

11. Providing internal consensus and giving approval to other IT units and other business areas in IT services related to problems that arise in order to resolve the problem

12. 24/7 support for critical situations

13. Conduct an analysis and discussion of the event transferred to the IT Department related to the data center, production support and MIS to be followed up and escalated to the IT work unit

14. Ensure that all related and problems related to the requested unit are followed up thoroughly and always informed to reporting users and the relevant IT work units

15. Monitoring all data center administrative activities that contain the capacity, performance, and utilization of all environments in the data center and carried out on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.



Salary: 7,000,000 - 10,000,000


  • Man
  • New Graduation: Max 30 years
  • Bachelor of Economics / Management from Leading Universities with Min GPA of 3.00
  • Familiar with Computer Programs (SAP)
  • Fluent in English both oral and written and Communication Skills
  • Driven by themselves, and able to work individually or in teams
  • Full Time Position available
  • Located in Jakarta


  • Monitor / Control / Perform routine work in PTA-RM Procurement Marketing activities (PX, AA Procurement) related to preparation / collection of necessary purchases from the pre-purchase stage to the collection / payment including SAP inputs.
  • Monitor / Control / Perform routine work in PTA Marketing Sales activities (Domestic & Export) related to preparation / collection of documents needed for sales from the pre-sales stage to collection / payment including SAP inputs.
About us

PT. Abadi Prima Inti Karya is a construction company that was established in 2010. Previously is Construction Unit of PT. Adhimix Precast Indonesia which is established in 2004.

PT. Abadi Prima Inti Karya become subsdiary of PT. Adhimix Precast Indonesia (Adhimix Group) since 2010

By carrying out the values principle of the company: Integrity, Commitment, Care (ICC), and supported by potential and developed resources to maintain a commitment to provide best service to customers and become a reliable and high quality partner.

PT. Abadi Prima Inti Karya will continue to develope its business prospects and expand its operating area by focus on consistent quality and accurate implementation, carry out continuous improvement process with care to safety, health, environmental security and employee welfare improvement. And development of skilled and broad-minded, innovated human resources, reach the corporate culture and a conducive organization climate to create a sustainable company growth.

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